Patch Note FV 0.9.6005 *

Hey villagers!

In this patch, we have provided a bit more functionality and ease of use for the first person view from your villager’s eye. And of course a bunch of other tweaks, fixes and improvements!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.6005):

Nouvelles fonctionnalités et modifications :

  • You can now dance and bow in first person view to increase happiness of villagers around you
  • First person view interface tweaked. You can now see villagers data and inventory
  • Player can now gather resources at the same time, until they run out of inventory space
  • You can set mouse sensitivity for first person and strategic view separately
  • You can terraform terrain that is under water
  • New villagers navigation system implemented. There should be no villagers stuck in buildings and overall performance should be better, especially on high speeds (x5, x10)
  • Water quality setting implemented
  • Tweaked terrain, sky, crops, grass, buildings and water visuals
  • Implemented lighting animation on some sources of light

Résolution de bugs :

  • Increased overall stability of the game
  • Game performance increased

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