Patch Note FV 0.9.4601 *Optimisation des mouvements des villageois + Hotfix 0.9.5855

Hey villagers!

In this patch we have provided some tweaks and bugfixes, which should optimize your villagers’ movement and resource management. We hope you’re gonna like them!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4601):

Nouvelles fonctionnalités et modifications :

  • Gatherers will gather resources until their inventory is full or a more important task appears
  • You can now designate special routes and designate a group of resources to transfer: all resources, only food, everything except food
  • Villagers now bring resources that their household really lacks first

Résolution de bugs :

  • Villagers should no longer get stuck in different situations (while entering houses for instance)
  • You can no longer create a new route if you have reached maximum route amount
  • Fixed a bug that has caused a part of a number in professions window not to be visible


Hotfix (0.9.5855)

  • Deployed to address the issue involving the manual collection of resources.

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