Patch Note FV 0.9.4540 *

Hey villagers!

Halloween is coming to your villages …along with more sophisticated mules and masters! In this patch, we have also provided some halloween-themed functions, along with tweaks and improvement of donkey-driven transportation.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4540):

Nouvelles fonctionnalités et modifications :

  • Crypt implemented. They are used to gather dead bodies for slow decay.
  • Implemented Scarecrows. They will scare birds from your fields and increase growth rates of crops and orchard trees in their radius.
  • Added some Halloween stuff for your amusement!
  • Builders are now able to move in the houses that are closest to their construction site.
  • Caravan Stable workers do not return mules to stables after each trip
  • Caravan Stable workers now ride mules instead of walking nearby
  • Caravan Stables window has been enhanced by adding info about resource amount, plus buttons to travel between warehouses
  • Birds fly around near your village, and want to feast on (and consequently destroy) your crops
  • Villagers now carry more firewood and coal per trip

Résolution de bugs :

  • Fixed a couple of cases where villagers got stuck
  • Optimized fields for better performance
  • Mouse pointer should lag less now on a weak PCs
  • Fixed a bug where workers were unable to finish the terraforming task

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