Patch Note FV 0.9.4423 *

Hey fellow villagers!

This time, along with multiple crash and bug fixes, we’ve spent some time improving the ‘Forest’ part of our game.

We’ve implemented a better growing algorithm, with proper growing stages for different trees. These changes should create a more realistic looking – and growing – forest around your villages.

We are also happy to present to you our detailed development roadmap, which you can see here!

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4423):

Nouvelles fonctionnalités et modifications :

  • 3 stages of tree growth (sapling, grown, fully grown) are properly presented using 3D models within the game
  • Trees should distribute more naturally around the island without extensive deforested areas
  • Tweaked tree growth times and amount of wood
  • Tweaked food and herb producing bush generation algorithms. You should expect that foragers will be less effective now, while herbalists are equally effective.
  • Increased wild animals spawn rates and raised their hide drop rate
  • Reworked terraforming tools and their captions and icons to give more flexibility in the way you can form your terrain
  • You can drag select buildings with your terraforming tools. It will not prevent terraforming in general, but land blocked by buildings will not be changed
  • Your villagers can now walk over an area that is being terraformed
  • Reworked some in-game icons
  • Added some more decorations to some existing buildings
  • Tweaked terrain angles that are acceptable for roads
  • You can see babies that are about to be born in housing window

Résolution de bugs :

  • Fixed some villagers getting stuck occasionally without an apparent reason
  • Multiple small crash and bug fixes
  • Babies will not die now if their family changes housing
  • Resolution changing fixed and should work properly now
  • Fixed “flatten” terraforming filter
  • Fixed some right mouse button related bugs when clicking in and outside of the window

– The team

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